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*Per Person, excludes FIT

Itinerary: $50

Booking fee for Flight+Hotel.

Activities: $10

Don't want to keep scrolling

through the "Things To Do"

pages? No problem! For $10

a person I will find activities

that best suit you. Don't worry,

you still get final approval!  

FIT:  Price Varies

FIT- Flexible Independent Travel.

Backpacking through Europe? Happy to help! Pricing will vary on the extent and your budget!

Transportation Only
Domestic: $20

Flights and car rentals can cost a lot, I may be able to get you certain deals. Service fee for booking just transportation in the United States. 

Air Fair Only
International: $30

Service fee for booking just air fair for international flights.

Hotel Only: $20

Got everything covered and want discounted pricing on the hotel? No problem!

**Price is Per Room**

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